"When your family is in need of a casket allow me to be your Guardian Angel"


Guardian Angel Caskets

Guardian Angel Caskets

Guardian Angel CasketsGuardian Angel CasketsGuardian Angel Caskets

About Us

Guardian Angel provides families with a choice, especially important since the casket is frequently the single most expensive funeral item you may have to buy if you are planning a traditional funeral. You have a legal right guaranteed by the federal government to furnish a casket to the Funeral Home of your choice which can not charge a handling fee or refuse to accept the casket. The Federal Trade Commission's official website outlines consumer protection laws related to funeral goods and can be found at www.ftc.gov/bcp/rulemaking/funeral/index.htm.

Our website is dedicated to my beloved father-in-law now deceased. Our business evolved through his passing and inspired us in recognizing a need to help families offset the high cost of funeral expenses.

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